Last drops of battery…

Today I suffered a little blackout in my neighborhood in the evening and decided that it’s time to put my Acer 5935g’s battery to the test. I plugged out the power cord and continued my movie night with Dexter S02.

So here is the final result of my little battery test:

  • 1:30 hours – movies
  • 35 minutes browsing

This adds to total 2:05 hours of guaranteed battery life (at least) and i still have a near half an hour battery reserve to finish up some texts I am working on.

Actually this is the first time I get very near the battery time defined by specs supplied by the maker.  I’m glad I chose Acer 🙂

The system I tested the battery is:

  • Acer 5935g (stock battery)
  • Windows Vista SP2 64bit
  • GeForce 130M active (not the onboard intel 4500)
  • Razer Copperhead mouse
  • 60% brightness all the time
  • Skype running in the background
  • WiFi on, connected to network
  • KMplayer playing DivX (with lots of seeking (can’t watch movie from start to end without seeking 🙂 )

Coming up is a test in Linux with the same activities. Though I first need to install and configure it, but it will be sometime when I have free time on my hands.


Canon camera E16 error fix

This is just a repost of my Canon camera E16 error post in English.

The story started yesterday, when my dad wrote me that his camera (Canon A610) screwed up and the only thing that it does is takes the lens out, takes it back in and then dies with

Error E16

I searched around the web and everywhere people said that the problem is of unknown origin and it’s not uncommon. The resolution  they proposed was to send the camera to an authorized Canon service for a replacement.

So far so good. Send the camera away … but here is the problem – my warranty ended an year ago, so I was unlucky.

So I had no answer to the problem… until my dad came up with something which should work on all “asia-tech” (as you may have seen in Armageddon (1998)) – HIT IT HARD WITH THE 5$ WRENCH!

It turns out that hard shake or some firm slap of the camera fixes the problem most of the time, but this hides some risks – if you get the error, you are most likely to get it again some time in the future, so i suggest you send it to the Canon service for a replacement.

So remember HIT or SHAKE hard before you give up – it may save your camera (for at least a little while).

As a side effect of the E16 error the only mode that works is the Video mode, which, in my opinion, is funny – check it out: Canon A610 E16 Error video mode.
As you can see the frame is cropped in half and has funky colors.


Грешка E16 при фотоапарат Canon

Историята започна вчера, когато баща ми ми писа, че се е скапал фотоапарата (Canon A610) и единственото, което прави при пускане (в режим снимане) е да изкара обектива, да го прибере и на черен фон да изведе

Error E16

Разтърсих се в интернет и повечето информация гласеше, че проблема е неизвестен и не се случва рядко, да се прател апарата в Canon и те ще го сменят.