Last drops of battery…

Today I suffered a little blackout in my neighborhood in the evening and decided that it’s time to put my Acer 5935g’s battery to the test. I plugged out the power cord and continued my movie night with Dexter S02.

So here is the final result of my little battery test:

  • 1:30 hours – movies
  • 35 minutes browsing

This adds to total 2:05 hours of guaranteed battery life (at least) and i still have a near half an hour battery reserve to finish up some texts I am working on.

Actually this is the first time I get very near the battery time defined by specs supplied by the maker.  I’m glad I chose Acer 🙂

The system I tested the battery is:

  • Acer 5935g (stock battery)
  • Windows Vista SP2 64bit
  • GeForce 130M active (not the onboard intel 4500)
  • Razer Copperhead mouse
  • 60% brightness all the time
  • Skype running in the background
  • WiFi on, connected to network
  • KMplayer playing DivX (with lots of seeking (can’t watch movie from start to end without seeking 🙂 )

Coming up is a test in Linux with the same activities. Though I first need to install and configure it, but it will be sometime when I have free time on my hands.


Коментирай! 🙂