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Фонетика и xorg

В някоя от последните версии на xorg, които се появиха около януари-февруари тази година, във фонетичната подредба са се промъкнали промени на някой, който изобщо не е мислил за редовия потребител и е искал да превърне фонетиката в БДС. Промените се изразяват в това, че са въведени знаците за горни и долни кавички, вместо <> и знак за параграф вместо &, и знак за евро вместо ^.

За да се поправят тези злодеяния, в ~/.bashrc се добавят следните редове:

xmodmap -e “keycode 16 = 7 ampersand 7 ampersand”
xmodmap -e “keycode 12 = 3 numbersign 3 numbersign”
xmodmap -e “keycode 15 = 6 asciicircum 6 asciicircum”
xmodmap -e “keycode 20 = minus underscore minus underscore”
xmodmap -e “keycode 59 = comma less comma less”
xmodmap -e “keycode 60 = period greater period greater”
И след това се логаут-вате и после обратно log-in в системата и вече би трябвало да си имате старата подредба на символите.
П.п. има още една промяна, която е, че вместо главно ь(ер малък, латинско x) е сложено ѝ (и ударено), което смятам за полезно и не съм отразил в горните промени.
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Removing iPhone passcode lock

Yesterday I had a few drinks and decided to put a passcode on my iPhone, just in case no one tries to crawl through it (stupid paranoia)… So I went on and put the passcode, typed it twice in the settings, set it to what I believed was the number I was typing and then locked the phone (power/sleep button). Then I tried to unlock it and it seemed that I managed to type a number twice without it being the number I wanted. So for the rest of the night I tried to figure out what was the number, but still no luck.

Now on a soberer head I found a way to remove the passcode lock (along with all other passwords on the phone though).

So the steps are as follow:

  • Go to the phone’s file system (linux is easy – check on accessing ipod file system – same goes for iPhone and iPod touch).
  • Then head to /private/var/Keychains
  • Move the file named keychain-2.db to other location, e.g. /
  • Then head to /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/
  • Move the file named to other location, e.g. /
  • Then you have to kill springboard ( killall SpringBoard if you are in through SSH) or just reboot the phone.
Voila, that’s all.
The side effect of this exercise is that you would loose all your passwords for mail accounts, exchange accounts and the order of icons on the springboard, but still you wouldn’t have to reflash the phone 🙂

Last drops of battery…

Today I suffered a little blackout in my neighborhood in the evening and decided that it’s time to put my Acer 5935g’s battery to the test. I plugged out the power cord and continued my movie night with Dexter S02.

So here is the final result of my little battery test:

  • 1:30 hours – movies
  • 35 minutes browsing

This adds to total 2:05 hours of guaranteed battery life (at least) and i still have a near half an hour battery reserve to finish up some texts I am working on.

Actually this is the first time I get very near the battery time defined by specs supplied by the maker.  I’m glad I chose Acer 🙂

The system I tested the battery is:

  • Acer 5935g (stock battery)
  • Windows Vista SP2 64bit
  • GeForce 130M active (not the onboard intel 4500)
  • Razer Copperhead mouse
  • 60% brightness all the time
  • Skype running in the background
  • WiFi on, connected to network
  • KMplayer playing DivX (with lots of seeking (can’t watch movie from start to end without seeking 🙂 )

Coming up is a test in Linux with the same activities. Though I first need to install and configure it, but it will be sometime when I have free time on my hands.